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Four Aspects of Your Living Space That Tell People of Who You Are

Various parts of your life can be a source of information about who you are in terms of personality. Even though looking at the appearance of someone and how they look cannot give you a clear image of who they are, people will always look at various aspects of your life especially surroundings to get to understand your personality. The living room being a major part since it is the social area where you relax after work, host guests and have a nice social chat with the people in your life beginning with family. That is why the living is a good source of information about your personality. Not all aspect would speak the exact truth about you but here are four vital aspects of your living room that speaks tones about your personality.

To begin with we have color. The color that you choose for your living room from the wall to the interior d?cor will tell loads of who you are. A dark theme in your living room speaks of how edgy and self-assured you are. It says of how you tend to be quite bold and your personality happens to be a forward one. Boldness is also greatly depicted in people who choose lighter colors for their living rooms but this kind of bold is different from the boldness of those who have chosen or rather preferred to go dark. Boldness shown by lighter colors tell of how untroubled you are by mess. At the same time, the color white will speak of how you lack to be clumsy and that you are sophisticated and confident.

Furniture too has a way of speaking about your personality. The words that are used to describe types of furniture are the same exact words to be used to show who you are. Looking at the furniture in your living room and describing them with adjectives is a way of describing who you are. Does it feel as if you are describing yourself? Chances are, the type of furniture you decide to purchase goes in line with what you prefer or feel comfortable with and that there is how furniture tells tales about your personality.

To add on to these aspects of your living room, there is the focal point. Focal point is used to mean the aspect of the living room that attracts the attention of those seated on the furniture depending on where they are arranged to face. If say you arrange your furniture to face the television, it shows of how much interested you are in entertainment and are more of a fun sourcing person. In another arrangement, if you have arranged your furniture facing the coffee table rather than the television, it shows more of seclusion in your personality rather than an enthusiast of entertainment. To get more info. about your living room, visit our homepage.

The fourth part of your living room that gives out your personality are rags. Rags that are messy and shaggy show how messy you are as well or rather have a free spirit while neat, well-kept rags that are tidy show how clean you are and perhaps a little OCD to top it up.

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